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Nelco TreeTies™ Perfect for the Holidays (Christmas Tree Season)

Pembroke, MA, November, 2005 – Nelco Products, Inc., the largest manufacturer and distributor of cable ties, wire ties, heat shrink tubing, wire connectors, cable tie mounts, and related products since 1984, announced a new holiday partnership with a local Christmas tree farmer in Maine. Nelco Products, Inc. has introduced new low-cost multi-colored ties perfect for securing Christmas tree garlands this holiday season.

Nelco TreeTies™, a subsidiary of Nelco Products, Inc., has recently developed a cost effective way to ensure your newly purchased Christmas trees will be healthy and straight, long after the holiday season. Keeping your Christmas tree freshly cut far into the New Year. This innovative product utilizes multi-colored tree ties in a variety of sizes to properly secure garlands, wreaths, holiday lights and ropes.

In addition to being perfect for securing all holiday decorations, Nelco TreeTies™ are also used for newly planted trees that require additional support to grow upright and strong, often in areas exposed to high winds or bad weather. These ties come in a variety of different sizes from miniature, the 4 inch ones (18 lbs. tensile) to the standard ones (50 lbs. tensile strength). Nelco TreeTies™ are prefect for any holiday decorations as their colors (red, green, fluorescent) mix seamlessly.

Nelco Products, Inc takes pride in all products they distribute from durable stretch-ties made of vinyl allowing for stretch-tie expansion overtime with the growth of a tree or plant to stake webbings. All Nelco Products, Inc come in a variety of environment-friendly colors allowing for near invisibility. Stake webbings provide the support needed to stabilize the root collar until a root system develops to adequately support the tree by promoting trunk strength and prevent girdling. Unlike rigid plastic collar staking systems, stake webbing requires no adjustment as the tree continues to grow. Not only are the olive-green color stake webbings aesthetically pleasing they are also durable, being UV stabilized and weather-resistant.

Nelco TreeTies™ are reasonably priced, starting at $0.05 per ft, depending on the quantity being purchased with available quantities range from 250 to 3,000 ft. rolls. Samples are available upon request. For more information on all Nelco TreeTies™ products, please contact us.

July 21, 2005 - Tree Stake Webbing Supports Nursery-Grown and Transplanted Trees
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